Below are the key openings of PTSA committees for 2018-2019 school year. It will keep evolving based on our needs. The full list of our committees can be found in the PTSA directory page so if there is any specific committee you want to help with but don’t see mentioned below, please reach out president@cherrycrest-ptsa.org

Family & Student Engagement Activities

Walk-A-Thon 2018 Team Member – Walk-A-Thon is the first fundraiser and a major community engagement event scheduled September. We have two wonderful co-chairs who are looking for more parents to join their team. If you want to know how you can help, contact walkathon@cherrycrest-ptsa.org

Fall Festival Lead(s) – Planned for end of October, Fall Festival is a fun family night event that includes Haunted House, Cake Walk, Games, Dance and much more.. We’re looking for parents to help with the main event as well as future 5th grade parents to lead the haunted house (5th grade students are the staging actors). Questions: fallfestival@cherrycrest-ptsa.org

Science Fair / Engineering Night Parent LiaisonThis is a family night event usually in the spring. Fully led and organized by the Teachers & Staff, we need a parent to act as liaison with the school on volunteer coordination mainly. Questions: sciencefair@cherrycrest-ptsa.org

Math Adventures Team - It was a huge success two years ago, but we could not bring it to Cherry Crest this year due to a change in format from the provider & lack of volunteers. We have heard other schools managed to do it and it was amazing. We need a group of 6-8 parents to work as a team (one or two leaders) and get this rolling. We even have parents from other schools willing to coach us. Interested to know more? Contact president@cherrycrest-ptsa.org

Passport Club Chair - A lunch-time geography club for the kids! Students study on their own and check in once a month (usually on a Monday). Parent volunteers through out the year are very important to keeping this club going! We are looking for a co-chair to manage the logistics/sign-ups and plan volunteers. Full support by current committee chair will be provided. Questions: passportclub@cherrycrest-ptsa.org

Art Reflections Chair - The number one nationally recognized PTA Art program. Work with the Bellevue Council Art Reflections committee to kickoff and launch Art Reflection contest at Cherry Crest. Some of our students work has gone onto State and national championships. Questions: reflections@cherrycrest-ptsa.org

Spelling Bee Chair – A very successful event among Cherry Crest students who enjoy some competition. We’re looking for motivated parent(s) willing to lead this next year. We usually have a preliminary round to pre-select few students followed by Finals, to select ONE Student that will represent Cherry Crest at National Level. Questions: spellingbee@cherrycrest-ptsa.org

School Related commitees

Art Room Coordinator Chair - Be the main support for our wonderful Art Teacher Ms. Jessica. Manage volunteer needs all year round in the art room via sign-up genius and chatter/website communications. Help miss Jessica manage any special events/displays such as Art Walk/Memory project as needed. Questions: artvolunteer@cherrycrest-ptsa.org

Yearbook Co-Chair (Photography) – Work closely with Designer Co-Chair to provide needed pictures. Communicate and act as liaison with class photographers. Photograph yearbook content on specific subjects (clubs, events, other needs). Collect, preview and upload on life touch class photographs submitted and check proofs on final pages, including making sure all kids are represented. This role requires skills to use a good camera and flexibility during school hours (September-April). Questions: yearbook@cherrycrest-ptsa.org

Emergency Preparedness Parent Liaison - Work in close relation with the school vice-principal around Emergency Preparedness supplies and inventory. All supplies were renewed this year by the District / PTSA and this position is mainly to act as a liaison for any specific needs of supplies to keep the inventory up to date. Questions: president@cherrycrest-ptsa.org

PTSA support Commitees

Membership Chair - Oversee all the membership registration in the Cherry Crest PTSA website (or via paper) and transfers the information to the WSPTA database. Most of the effort is in Sep/Oct (a couple of hours in total) and regular updates could be needed along the year (max 1h/month). Ideal for remote working parents as the position is very flexible. Questions: membership@cherrycrest-ptsa.org

Advocacy / Legislative Rep - If you are passionate about Legislative issues around education and children and would like to help advocate further then consider taking this role. There are many ways you can contribute, working in close relationship with the Bellevue PTSA council, representing our PTSA in state convention or legislative sessions that happen twice a year. It is as you want it to be. Questions: legislativerep@cherrycrest-ptsa.org

Cloud Management Chair - We have a cloud-based database for each of the committees useful for knowledge transfer to each new chair. Looking for someone who can maintain the database access for each individual committee chair and keep track of access/names based on latest individual. Most of the work is at the beginning and end of the school year with regular maintenances when new committee chairs come on board. Questions: president@cherrycrest-ptsa.org

Corporate Matching Chair - Corporate Matching represents a significant part of our income and is a key element of our budget. Responsibilities consist of renewing CC PTSA corporate matching eligibility with various companies, communicating on corporate matching process during fundraising campaigns and acting as support for Cherry Crest donors while working closely with our Treasurer and Assistant Treasurer. Our target is 100% matching eligible donations and to reach that we need your help. Ideal for someone working from home and very flexible. An average of 1-2h/month of work. Questions: president@cherrycrest-ptsa.org